To all valued Clients:

Your privacy is our top priority and maintaining your trust and confidence is what makes us global trusted company. You our clients have the rights to keep your confidential and personal information thus this will prevent unwanted solicitations.

In accordance to the law, we are required to disclose our Privacy Policy – which we are honored and happy to provide to you.

We welcome a moment to read this, thus you will have close and best understanding of what we do with all information you provide us and how we make sure that they will be kept private and secured while providing you our best service.

1) What we collect: We gather personal information about you (our client) – hence only when the information requested is provided by your good behalf or acquired by us with your proper and documented authorization. We use the information for our database data so long proper and law guidance in collecting your information is performed.

We only collect information through the following (but not limited to) avenues: Phone interviews, emails, letters and official meeting via video call or chat.

2). Legal Conditions Information is Disclosed: As guided and discussed, we are prohibited in disclosing personal information about you (our client) or former clients to anyone. However, to exception by law and stat Code of Professional Conduct, nonpublic data and information related to you may be disclosed in case of following events:

As a body of any actual or threatened legal act or alternative dispute proceedings either initiated by or against our party, provided we only disclose data or information necessary to file, defend or pursue against the dispute or law suit, and take responsible cautions to guarantee information disclosed does not become a matter of public exposure. To provide necessary information to affiliates of the firm and third parties who perform functions in conjunction with our services to you, hence only if we have signed agreement or contract with the said parties that prohibits them from disclosing or using your data and or using your information than of the purpose it is agreed upon.

3) Security of Nonpublic Personal Information: If and only if discussed in this notice, we prohibit access to nonpublic data and information about you (our client) to any of our representatives and/or employees and other parties who are not allowed to use the data or information.

Our rights to disclose and use your data and information is bound by the policies of our firm/company, Code of Professional Conduct, governmental law, and non-disclosure agreements provided approved and appropriate.

All physical, electronic and procedural procedures are maintained to protect, secure in adherence to governmental and applicable laws and regulations to secure your data and personal information from unwarranted approach and or access, alteration, and disclosure.

You (our clients) are what makes our company and your privacy is our top priority and we value your business. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any questions or inquiry in any of our services.

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