Are you experiencing
Good Stress
Bad Stress?

Good Stress Vs Bad Stress -

Feeling stress can feel perfectly normal, especially during work hours, catching up on deadlines, or even during exam time. There are instances that stress can help you motivate to focus on your work, yet, there are plenty of times that all you just want is to isolate yourself because you are overwhelmed with a lot of things going on. 

Stress happen to everyone, however, you should know that there are two major types of stress: stress that helps you keep motivated and stress that can cause health problems and anxiety. That’s right! There’s good stress and bad stress. 

Here’s a short explanation on how stress can be beneficial while the other one is putting you on so much body strain.

Let’s first talk about bad stress

Stress is inevitable. It’s part of our daily lives. You learn more about them as you grow old and become exposed to a lot of responsibilities around you – from your career, personal, love life, family life and a lot more. 

Too much negative emotional stress can be detrimental. Most of the time it stays for weeks or months and may start to weaken your immune system and cause high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, body fatigue and even worst which is heart disease. One must be aware if we are already putting a lot of negative stress in our body. 

It may be difficult to identify when you are experiencing good or bad stress, but your body can tell you which is which by sending warning signs:

  • Lack of concentration to finish a task
  • Body aches
  • You can easily catch a cold
  • Headache
  • Irritability
  • Easily get anxious over small things
  • Not normal eating habits
  • Trouble in sleeping or staying awake

Benefits of stress

According to studies, stress is not only limited to negative result in our body. It also an event that can help us focus more and achieve more. Stress may have a lot of disadvantages but it also has a lot of positive impact in our body. For instance, stress can help you focus in reaching your goals and meet your daily schedules. And surprisingly, it can boost your memory. 

When the brain perceives some kinds of stress, it starts flooding our body with chemicals like epinephrine, norepinephrine and cortisol. This may create reactions such as increase in blood pressure and heart rate but the senses suddenly have a laser-like focus that help you avoid stressful situations. 

Researchers believe that good stress can help you fortify your immune system where it can improve how your heart works to protect you body from infection. 

One can tell that stress become beneficial when you are being more productive than usual. On the other hand, your body will tell if the stress is putting too much when you feel you are not healthy at all. 

Stress is part of our life, but one can improve the you respond to them to avoid or change some situations.