8 Work From Home Essentials For Efficient Home Office -

Whether you are already working from home or would like to transition from corporate world to avoid heavy traffic and would like to start working at the comfort of your home, then you are probably wondering what are the essential stuff we need to work comfortably and efficiently.

Working from home welcomes you to a different environment where your new colleagues are your doggo, your cats, your kids or your family. It’s nice to work at home but the distractions are way worse than when you are working in the office (not to mention office distractions like those officemates who keep asking you to go with them to the cafeteria even it’s not yet your break time). 

Even though many of us are now able to adjust to working from home, there are still who are still working their way to get there. The following are essential must have to be able to work at home while feeling the office vibe. 

1. Laptop or Desktop

This is no doubt the most basic yet the most important must have in order to work from home. You will be spending most of your time in front of your computer. Also, an internet connection with speed of at least 10mbps – where most clients are looking for is an addition in order to work efficiently.

Most work from home starters always ask this question. “What computer specs to I need?” “Should I go with laptop or desktop?” Well, both laptop and desktop have their own pros and cons.

Here’s the basic computer specs you need to look out for. Just a heads up, you must not squeeze your budget to the very last penny for your computer – the better specs, the better performance and can surely help you throughout your freelancing work.

Recommended optimal computer specs:

  • Core i3 processors (INTEL) and above
  • Ryzen Series 3, 5 (AMD) – video editing
  • 500GB to 1TB hard drive or 128GB SSD
  • 4GB to 8GB RAM of basic work and 16gb RAM for video editing and graphics related
  • Integrated Graphics 
  • Dedicated graphics card with at least 4gb of memory for video editing
Most of work from home tasks include customer service, over the phone transactions, scheduling, office tasks, multi-media, graphics, and more. Among the essential must have in working from home, buying a computer that can perform and deliver the work smoothly should be your priority. 

Now let’s answer the question whether you choose laptop or desktop?

Though is mainly a personal preference, there are still factors to consider whether you will buy a laptop or go for desktop instead. 

We couldn’t agree more when we say that buying and assembling your own desktop is way cheaper and can deploy more power than buying a laptop. It can be upgraded anytime provided that you will purchase the compatible upgrades. Most laptops can only accept upgrades for RAM and storage (HDD and SSD). 

On the other hand, laptop is more portable and you can bring it wherever you go – especially when you are considering working while traveling, on a vacation, on a family gathering, and more. Laptops nowadays are packed with high-end upgrades for both RAM, GPU (graphics) and processor. There are cheaper laptop models and brands that are equipped with the necessary specs which will surely help you with your work from home setup.

Shall we also highlight more that laptops can still operate during power cut offs? Laptop batteries can help you work for at least 5 more hours when the power has been interrupted compared to 15-30 minutes capacity backup power using a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for desktop.

These are the basic things you may want to consider in buying your computer for your work from home needs.

2. Noise - Cancelling Headset

One of the biggest problems working from home is the background noise. Most specially when you are living with your family or in an open space if you don’t have a sound proof room. Some work from home tasks include customer service both inbound and outbound, telesales, appointment setting, scheduling, and calling your client’s customers for feedback and more. We don’t want the other end to hear a lot of crying babies, dog barking, and a lot of noise coming from your end or they will end up hanging up your call because of all those interruptions.

Purchasing a noise – cancelling headphone will surely get the job done. There are variety and industry standard noise – cancelling headphone that you can choose from.

Check out the following brand and models:

  • Plantronics HW720
  • Jabra Engage 65
  • Jabra Engage 75
  • Plantronics SHR2083
  • Plantronics Voyager Focus UC
  • Plantronics Savi 8220
  • Plantronics Voyager 8200
  • Plantronics Blackwire 7225
  • Logitech H111
  • Jabra Evolve 20 UC 
  • Jabra Evolve 30 II UC
  • Jabra Biz 1100

No one wants to talk over the phone with a lot of background and interrupting noise so choosing a noise – cancelling headphone that can help you get the job done should also be on the top list.

3. Computer Desk

You can work on your bed. You can work on your kitchen table. You can work while lying down on the sofa but working on a clean, spacious computer desk is still the best and let’s you focus well on your work. You can create or buy an ergonomic comfortable computer table where you can place your computer and all your work materials. Computer desk in your home can influence working in a professional environment and produce better work results. 

4. Comfortable Computer Chair

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Nothing beats ergonomic and comfortable computer chair. As we start working from home, we will sit in front of our computer for almost 7 to 8 hours a day. When selecting a computer chair, consider the seat and material, adjustable features, functions and of sturdiness of the chair.

You can choose between mesh, leather, and fabric. There are a lot of affordable fabric and leather chairs available in the market, they are comfortable but heats up fast. The mesh chairs on the other hand are breathable but you may want to keep in mind that mesh chairs tend to get dusty and will needed to be vacuumed from time to time. 

When buying a chair, try the chair first, feel it and make sure you feel comfortable. Check the armrest, adjustable functions, tilt functions as well as the height. Consider the chair as another investment before buying one to avoid stress on your back.

5. Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

Messy cables in front of you is a no no! You don’t want to be bothered by the cables on your desk so choosing a wireless mouse and keyboard is truly helpful in the long run. You will see the advantage using wireless keyboard and mouse. Battery problems? Wireless keyboard and mouse don’t use too much of power so a simple AA battery (depending on the model of keyboard and mouse) can last months. Trust us when we say that getting rid of messy cables from the usual wired keyboard and mouse will be absolutely life changing!

6. Calendar

Have you ever been to a situation where you have a lot of sticky notes and reminders in your computer but still having bit of a trouble organizing and prioritizing your schedule? It all happened to us but did you know that you can beat the deadline by placing a calendar above your computer desk? Calendars with blank grid will be better since you can write down the most important events on that date. 

7. Table Lamp Lighting

Most of the remote works are needed to be done at night so you should consider getting a lamp on your computer desk most especially when you have roommates and cannot work from public parts of the house. Good lighting can help you stay active and alert so you can produce better than working in a dark place. We highly recommend getting a lamp with light colored bulbs and also has at least five brightness levels so you can adjust according to your preference.

8. Soundproof foam

Does not seem to be necessary? Trust us when we say that this really helps! You may think that it is not safe. What if there’s emergency outside? What if there’s fire in the kitchen and my family can’t knock on my room’s door to get me out? Soundproofing foam DOES NOT block sounds but it reduces the sound that is coming in to your room. Soundproofing your rooms gives you privacy and allows you to carry out your tasks without disturbing other family members who may be resting or sleeping. Not only that it reduces the sound coming in to your room but it also helps reduce the sound to go out of your room. Nothing beats a quiet place so you can focus on your work. Try it! You will see the difference.

There will surely be other items you have in mind to be added to your home office depending on the type of work and space available in your place. These are the few in the long list yet the most important. How about you? What do you think are the things that should be added on the list? Share in the comment box below.



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